Monday, January 4, 2010

Pacman xonix

PACMAN XONIX isn't played a much as ordinary pacman but I think that it is a much better game. Mind you it doesn't have many cheats . The best one being the extra life cheat .
All you have to do on the 1st level is kill yourself three times and then start again and you will automatically get 4 lives , so give it a go !

Online pacman

There are many cheats and hints in the online ordinary pacman. The greatest one of all is the invincible cheat. Once you have reached the 7th level and eat a power pill at the start of the round
the ghosts won't stop flashing until you eat them so head straight 4 the pill and you are literally invincible! And here's the coolest part if you make it past level 7 this trick works 4 the rest of the game ! So try it out and also try out pacman-xonix !